Back in the UK

I have to say: the thing I miss the most about China right now are the air conditioners.

The flight home was just about bearable. It was absolutely freezing at one point. I had wrapped myself in two blankets (one around my head) and had a jumper on underneath as well. I must’ve looked pretty ridiculous. But I watched loads as I wasn’t able to sleep. I quite like the TV series ‘New Girl’ and ‘Two Broke Girls’ now. I was happily greeted by my mummy as I almost ran through the arrival doors. And I just spent the rest of the day lying on the couch until I crawled to bed at about half past eight in the evening.

Then I’ve spent the past two days going about here and there and now i’m in London. I’m not 100% since going to China because I think I exhausted myself to the max. So whilst Will is at work,I’m taking some R&R with loads of TV. Unfortunately one of my wisdom teeth has decided to appear this week so I can’t eat anything I want as the gum is quite sore. I was living off soup yesterday. The ironic thing is is that I have my operation on my cleft palate which means I’ll only be able to eat soup for about two weeks. So, of course, I’m dying to eat all the foods I won’t be able to! Hopefully the pain killers will work their magic so I can munch away.

This was just a little update on life’s happenings. The next big event is my father coming back from Calgary after six weeks. Interesting.