Au Pair #1: it's the beginning of the year abroad

Flying to Madrid - 29th June 2014

June 30th, 2014:

Today, I have travelled to Madrid to kick off staying with a Spanish family for the summer. Having arrived a few hours ago, I’m now sat in a Nissan Qashqai with one boy sleeping on my shoulder and one of those kids seats squidging me on the other side. I’m not mentioning this because I mind, but rather that I’m completely nervous and so excited. The family welcomed me with open arms at the airport.

So far the only job I have been given is to speak to the children in English all the time. But Spanish to the parents and others. This seems like a fair bargain. There are three sons, one is nine and the other two are eight (twins). They seem to be a really happy and fun family. And we’re headed straight down past Cartagena right to a place called ‘la manga’ which is a small long stretch of land adjoined to Spain at one end. The temperature that is displayed on the car dashboard is 32°c – woohoo! So, in short, my year abroad has started with a trip to the beach.

Definitely not complaining.