And on the tenth day


I’m just taking a moment to scribble down the happenings of the past few days as I feel I’ve been on a bit of an adventure. (I haven’t really.) It all kicked off with giving my my mummy a massive hug goodbye and staying at my godmother’s for a night. Then I got into my gypsy van – otherwise known as my lovely car – and wizzed off to pick up my lovely friend Kathy to start adventure one: Driving into London. The sun was shining (I didn’t have any sunglasses as I had left them at Will’s place..) so I was driving half blinded over the rolling hills of the Downs towards the M4 as I’m not tall enough for the shade to avoid the sun rays glare completely. I had had a look at google map’s directions before I left so I had a faint idea of the best way to get across London to where Will lives on the South Bank. But, of course, it was never going to run smoothly. My overly-organised Kathy (thankfully) had a map of central London so with that and my own intuition we got the Will’s place in two hours. Score. Although I did drive all the way into Knightsbridge then down through Sloane Square and across to Chelsea Bridge where I followed the river and crossed Vauxhall Bridge. Where we then weaved for a bit (obviously on purpose..) around Lambeth and near the one road I needed to get to, and I managed to get caught in a dead end. But heyho, we made it. And the sun was still shining.

We then caught the tube to Tottenham Court Road where we then walked down through Soho and past Chinatown to Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square. And we decided, on a whim, to buy discounted tickets to see Wicked. And it was a very goood decision. The show is amazing. I want to be Alfaba (well… As cool as her..). We also trotted about Covent Garden which was quite pretty and full of shoppers, street mimes and magicians. After the show I went to Will’s and spent the rest of the week with him. I’ve spent a bit of time having “bonding sessions” with his brother and sisters as we went to dinner with his brother and his girlfriend on the Saturday night. Last Thursday A and I went to the park nearby me had our lunch there to enjoy the last day of sunshine. I enjoyed it ^.^ Today I’ve had a lot of time to chat to Will’s eldest sister as we drove into London (with his parents) so that was cool. I think she enjoys taking the mick out of me and teasing me which is pretty funny as it is requited. Tehe.

Then last Friday C (brother’s girlfriend), A (a sister) and I spent a few hours dealing with a slightly flooded kitchen… They’ve had problems with one of the pipes and on that day it overflowed. This lead to all three of us trying to fix it by plunging. It would’ve been quite a hilarious sight for anyone to walk in on. (I think so anyway). In this teeny kitchen there were three of us crammed around a sink trying our best to make magic happen and getting soaked in the process. A (being quite small) kneeled on the draining board plunging one hole, I was in the middle on a two step ladder plunging the main one and C was say up on the other side covering the overflow hole. And quite often sink water would squirt up and out at us which was just horrible. But at the same time quite funny. I don’t think I’ll offer to plunge a sink for a while now.

And this weekend I was back in West Ilsley to work at the pub and at a local villagers party which was fun. My boss Hayley is the loveliest ever. She made sure I was fed after work (pub food = yummy) and let me sty at hers in a big comfortable bed. So I am oh-so very fortunate. ^.^

Now, we are almost home as I’m staying at Will’s parents’ house tonight. I feel like I’m really starting to get to know the family and HOPEFULLY I’m becoming more of a friend rather than a guest. And I’m enjoying listening and picking up bits of Cantonese. I’ll be good soon.. Sometime.