A Moment In Time

Staring out into the night’s silhouetted horizon somehow makes me fall into deep thought. I’ve slept for about three hours so far but was woken by the heat of this cabin and the pain of women’s time of the month. (sorry if that’s too much detail) so while I wait for the tiredness to set back in and the pain to vanish with the kick of nurofen I opened the blind a bit to look out at the land beyond. I hope there’s some sign on the buildings soon to indicate where we are so far. We’re still seven hours away from Shanghai.

But sitting here made me think how I know many people don’t see China intriguing or somewhere they should pay attention to because the aspect of language and culture don’t interest them. And with that thought in mind, I asked myself: “Have these past few days inspired me about my perspective of China?”

I’ll start with the No first. There is only one in this category: It’s one fact that will never change without time and effort but the way I haven’t managed to jump into the World of China.

One, I’m a westerner with bright blonde hair and two, I am only at a basic level of Mandarin which limits me quite a lot. So I’m not inspired straight away to run back and delve in, because I still feel so out of the loop. Yet moving onto the positive, thinking about this gives me that inspiring thought to keep studying Mandarin all summer when I can. Be ready for second year and make sure that by the time I come back in a year and a half, I will waltz through the arrivals and talk to anyone who’s willing to listen.

I find it amazing how the Chinese interact with eachother. Although this may be more rare (I have no idea) but today in the train and older woman sat next to the girl we met and started having a long conversation where the woman started stroking her long hair in a mother-like way. And when the woman was to leave they hugged. This was fantastic to see because it gave a little sense of what is so wonderful in humanity. This openness to anyone who walks down the street or you meet in a public place is admirable to me. Although it is in the UK, in the moment it felt so much stronger in China. And the fact that it’s in China made me feel quite proud to be learning the language. I know that sounds a bit weird really as this happens all over the world. But that made me happy.

At the moment, I’m so glad I picked Chinese as a language because I want to be able to participate in their culture. If I could describe exactly what I see in the most clear and image painting way, I would. But all I can say is, it is magnificent.