6th July 2014

I managed to sleep in this morning until half past ten (even though there were builders banging and crashing on the floor below me) so I felt pretty rested. I had a shower and packed my bag (for the second last time!!) and headed off. The guy who runs the hostel is lovely. He commented on how I went to bed early so I was obviously disappointing on the social front. But I would’ve been no fun last night. So it’s only a bit unfortunate. There were some shops and food stores just outside the compound so seeing as I had some Yuan left I decided to buy myself some good food for the journey. I bought five dumplings and another one of the sticky rice in a lotus leaf thing. This cost me 10¥ which is basically £1! For that quality, you’d have to pay atleast £5 in England. There was a cake shop next door where I bought some profiteroles, a bottle of water and a papaya juice. Again, it was 13.50¥. So cheap. The next shop I came across was one for babies. So I decided to get Alex (Tim and Cathy’s eldest) a little remote control car. I know Tim has three other children but they’re all older so it’s harder to guess what they like. And his youngest is still a little baby. So I think it’ll be okay.. I want to get Cathy some flowers but that’s one thing they don’t really sell here. Obviously that’s a very British custom. Maybe I’ll be able to grab some when I arrive. But going into the shops was great, I spoke mandarin to all of them.. Albeit patchy and not being able to understand a few things they said back. I’m happy. It was a good end to my week in China.

Now, I’m sitting in the waiting room to catch the train to Hong Kong and I’m aiming to be the first in the queue so I get a window seat. I want to take advantage of seeing other parts of China although it’s from a train carriage. Anyway, I better eat my food! Speak to you on the other side!