can’t believe I just spend two hours writing about toilet paper

A guy on my spanish course; twitter :’)

Quote of the day ♥

So yes. SPANISH EXAM DONE. feelin’ good. I’m quite proud that I can say something interesting yet weird about my exam when my friends ask me how it went. And it’s funny that out of all the topics we could do an exam on, they pick one about using recycled paper for toilet paper.

It’s entertaining watching people’s different reactions after exams, they way they cope with the mixed emotions afterwards. Yet I wonder if you asked someone how well they thought they did, what would be the likelihood that they’d reply truthfully? It seems that many people these days give you vague answers because they’re too modest or feel embarrassed. I am one of them but I just prefer to keep it to myself because I don’t want to get my hopes up or give them the power to crush them down when they start asking me loads of questions about my answers to “check with theirs”. It baffles me that exams take over all other conversation topics. I was sitting at lunch today with two of my friends on my course and another from my hall and all they could talk about was the past exam and then about future exams. I get that at this time it’s a very important and at-the-front-of-your-mind topic but really? I just felt that bringing up something else was pointless. I could not deter them. But I guess that’s how they cope. I’m not suggesting that it’s bad, but it’s not the way I go about things so I find it amusingly strange. I just sit there counting down the days until I’m done.

Though I have deactivated my Facebook account throughout this exam ordeal I love seeing posts from this new group ‘what exam students don’t say’. It is hilarious. And so true. I recommend it as it will lift your spirits even if you’re sky high anyway. 🙂

Now to eat my well-earned dairy milk fruit and nut bar and watch ‘how i met your mother’ before I prepare for literature tomorrow. To all of you in the world who are taking exams, tests, finals in the next week and beyond. Good luck.

“You know, Hobbes, some days even my lucky rocket ship underpants don’t help.” -Bill Watterson; Calvin and Hobbes ^.^