31st May 2013

So today has been a pretty good day. I know it hasn’t ended yet so I hope I don’t jinx it… But I didn’t wake up four times last night in blind panic I was going to miss the exam. But instead I woke to the sun shining through the curtains and the radio (which is my alarm every morning) forecasting the weather of East England to be sunny! And so I took some photos to show you and capture the day that meant I will never have a do a core literature module ever again. I feel like I can hear a resounding cheer in my head every time I think that. (Sad I know.)

And I’ve spent the last four hours sitting with some friends just chatting about life and it has been really nice. It has had that Friday ‘feeling’ y’know? It makes me think back to Sixth Form when we sat out on the benches during the first month of term. There were four of us girls who were new to the school and sharing bits of our lives and deciding that early one to do secret santa scrapbooks! That was fun. And the days where we didn’t really know the crazy lot of boys we now call our friends. I remember sitting in the Fishbowl (the name for our computer room, makes sense if you saw it) for hours on end in frees chatting about ridiculous things or playing endless games of hearts. It got to a point that if someone suggested a game everyone would groan get up and leave. Like they do in How I Met Your Mother or Friends. (Quite cool really, ahha) The guy I did Spanish with throughout A-Level would always be the only one to try and work when he did frees, and my wonderful friend B always made it her challenge of the day to distract him for the whole of the free period. It was really quite amusing. When her attempts to draw him into our conversations failed she resorted to the childish things like stealing his pens or sitting on his chair when he went to the bathroom. I just sat there and waited for him to give you his scowl. Oh I wish I had that picture now. I’ll find it one day and show you. It is cute but hilarious. WAIT i found it. Adding now….DONE! love it? Well. I do. Even though it won’t rotate 😦

I love reminiscing about Sixth Form. It is one of the best times in your life before you go to university. And even then, it’s still imprinted on your mind. I miss my friends a lot. There are moments where something happens and I wish they were here because of a private joke, or they’d find it funny or just because in that exact moment I’m reminded of them. (Before I sound too creepy. I’m just saying I’m not.) But the exciting thing is is I’m seeing them in fourteen days!! They are coming up here to celebrate my birthday and I cannot wait to show them everything here! I hope to the lord it’s good weather, good atmosphere and overall a fantastic weekend. But I can’t let myself think too much about it now.. I still have two flipping exams to do. -.-

But on a happier note I’m now going to watch a bit of TV and munch on chocolate ^.^ hope you’re all having wonderful days.