2nd June 2014

Song of the day – What About Us 

It’s been a long long day. And it still isn’t over. At ten o’clock I am going through about fifteen readings for my next module and writing summary or key points down about each. Lord help me. Although I am prepared with a bottle of diet coke and chocolate (and a tuna sandwich if I’m desperate) so hopefully I’ll get to bed by the early hours of the morning. This song came into my head today because one, I’ve been watching series eight of ‘how I met your mother’ and aahh! ^.^ and secondly, it’s just one of those days 🙂

this song just has the beat that is catchy and I love it for nights out. I’m looking on amazon for speakers for my birthday! It makes me think about this first year at university and all the friendships you make or had at the beginning and have fizzled away. And I just love the people I have. The girls. My curly haired friend is wonderful, we have such a laugh about life (or my stupid moments). Her catchphrases “when is that a things that happens?” ; “that happened” and.. well her cackling loud laugh you can spot a mile off. My lovely architect (her course is ridiculous, ridiculous I tell you) who is very down to earth and it’s a surprise when she wears blue coloured jeans. hehe. we both laugh at our equally silly blonde moments and we share a love in Bastille. She has a knack for stating the obvious even if the conversation is stating the obvious in the first place. Amongst our group she is known to ‘crush dreams’ quite often. This started with me saying something that included hoping for something to happen or imagining it and her just saying “well that’s just not possible is it?’

The boys are babes. One has two nicknames strung to his name: Doorway or Porno. This is because he has an amazing amount of pictures and a calendar of half naked or naked women in his rooms. Also he has two decks of cards of this too.. Our card games have been interesting… He got the first nickname because the first two times he got crazily drunk he was found lying half in his room and half in the halfway fast asleep. It was hilarious. He is so wonderful. And the second is Little. He is just fantastic. I can’t really think of a catchphrase for him.. He’s fun when he’s drunk too. He goes from a chilled sober to a crazy huggy drunk who strokes walls and cannot stop moving or fidgeting. The third is the Dancer. He has opened up just recently and his “catchphrase” is every swear/rude word in the book. And probably out of the book too. But he is a sweet little guy. The fourth and final is .. well, to be honest I don’t have a nickname for him. We haven’t seen him *loads* this year but he’s in our house next year 😀 (I’m in a house with all of the above) so hopefully I’ll have one soon. But he is really great. (I know that I’m repeating myself slightly but there are only so many descriptive words I can use before I seem creepy).

And for the internationals, and my course friends, there’ll be a song for them soon. It’s just gotta come up. Again, the procrastination has got the better of me and I’ve dealt another post which is just me blurting random bits of my life out.  But that’s what a blog is right? Anyway. Enjoy your evenings!