29th May 2014

One month. 30 days. Oh so many hours that I can’t be bothered to count.

I can’t believe that the one month mark has crept up on me! A month today I will be in a Travelodge by London Heathrow with William, probably feeling anxious, nervous, excited etc. that I am kicking off Third Year in about ten hours. I’ve been googling what to get a spanish host family as gifts and all I can find are such generous Canadians and Americans ! One girl has taken a photobook of her life, some ice hockey jerseys, toy cars and I can’t remember what else but.. Oh! And some glass coasters. Oh my lord do I feel under pressure! (*dun dun dun dundedundun* the song is kicking in..) so I have made a draft photobook on photo box and to be honest, I am pretty proud of what I’ve created! Only downside is the price tag. It’s £26 and I’m thinking I could take a few photos and just explain them instead… So we’ll see which argument wins: pretty and memorable or cheap and kinda memorable… I have also debated getting the three boys England cricket shirts (spread the cricket love) but I’m still unsure. And I’m definitely getting fudge and shortbread as treats for all! Still feel slightly clueless though..

Between now and that wonderful D-day I have two boring exams to do, working as a steward at a Luminarium for two days, going on a spa date with one of my lovely friends, going to Alton towers with my housemates, celebrating my birthday in Nottingham, going to Paris during my birthday with housemates and lovely friend, then packing up anything I have left and shipping myself off down to London! In which I will proceed to keep myself busy and hopefully celebrate my third anniversary with my boyfriend. I’m making it sound like a bigger thing than it is, but still, would love to celebrate it!! So I’m a very busy bee.

So as the countdown begins, I need to get better at the
Is tumblr thing. Hopefully I will!