29th May 2013

Oh the British weather eh? Over the past four days it has changed from blue skies and sunshine to heavy grey clouds and just chucking it down. It continues to amaze me how the turnaround in weather seems to get quicker every time! And the amount of conversations about what BBC weather has forecasted is on the rise. I’ve given up!

This semester we had a few internationals join our hall, one from Mexico, another who is a Sikh from Australia and the third from Nova Scotia, Canada. I remember how the first two used to come to dinner everyday in January asking whether it was ever going to snow. All of us brits were thinking “please Lord, do not snow! or if you do, last a day. just one day.” Of course our wishes were ignored. The internationals (as they’ve come to be known as ^.^) were so excited when it snowed. It was amazing to see the happiness on their faces. I just couldn’t believe that they had never seen snow before! But after a few days, they started to share the same “just go away” feeling as we did. Nowadays my lovely mexican hombre keeps looking at the sky and asks when this weather is going to improve. It was sunny on Sunday, why not now? And I just sigh and say “welcome to the UK my friend” and he just shakes his head at the ground.

Over the past few years I’ve wondered how fantastically funny it is that every time a foreigner/traveller I meet asks me about the UK I always mention the weather. I feel like it’s my duty to warn them that it is not going to be good. And on the odd-chance it is, revel in it! Many people abroad note that us Brits complain about the weather: our small talk involves the weather, our basic polite conversation starter is the weather, when we now talk about the plans for the future we have to add in “we’ll have to see what the weather is like”. For example, every time I ring my mother or friend one of us manages to ask “how’s the weather up/down/over there?” and we spend a good five minutes comparing it even if we live five minutes down the road from each other. And so, foreigners only understand why we seem to be so obsessed after they’ve spent at least two weeks in this country! Don’t blame ‘em really.  And, humorously, their reaction is almost pity on us as they get to return to their more stable weather system. Whilst every woman here stuffs her handbag with a mix of items such as an umbrella, sunglasses, suntan lotion, an extra waterproof layer and gloves that there seems to be no space for the essentials such as our massive purses and make up bags. So you can see why one, we needs loads of different types of (hand)bags and two, more noticeably, why we’ve fallen in love with massive handbags. Who knew eh?

But don’t worry, I do have some faith in the English weather. I go to Wales every year with the whole of my mum’s side of the family and I am surprisingly optimistic. Meanwhile my mother just grumbles about how much it will rain whilst she’s still packing all the sun cream we own.. I guess I can give her some optimism points as actions speak louder than words.. right? But this year it better be good! My parents have decided to move to Canada for my Dad’s job and it’s the only two weeks we’re together with the rest of the family members for a good year at least. So I’m hoping the sun will shine on us most of the time (gotta leave some room for the typical ‘wet welsh weather’) and give my parents a good farewell for a while. I’ll probably post a weather diary to see how it goes.

I have to say that my procrastination must be dancing happily right now as I fail to believe that I’ve written a whole passage on the weather! But heyho, life goes on 🙂 I better go and finish reading my novel for the literature exam… ONE WEEK. in one week I will pack all of my work away whilst dancing around my room, singing to whatever will be playing on Radio One and probably telling everyone I know..