Au Pair #2: Four days feels like two weeks!

July 4th, 2014:

Right now I’m sat at a mini kids Park where there are little attractions and rides (like go-karts) that the boys are going on. There is quite a chilly wind but it’s bearable as it is meant to be about 26°c right now! It’s been a busy few days since I arrived. We’re staying at a place called La Manga which is a stretch of land off the mainland near Cartagena. It is shaped like an arm and has beaches on either side as you drive down it. One is known as the ‘Mar Menor’ because it is part of the sea but there is only a tiny entrance at the end of the strip before it meets land again. It’s really cool because it doesn’t get deep until you’ve walked about 50 metres out. So it’s safe for kids too. The water is warm because of this which is nice. Also, we went looking for oysters in it on Monday and we found about eight!

Au Pairing in La Manga
Au Pairing in La Manga

On the other side, is the Mediterranean. So the sea is colder and there are waves, but it’s good.tumblr_n83lkbzBZB1stpwzno5_500 I’m told that in only this part of Spain, there is no change in the tide. It doesn’t rise or fall. It’s obviously very hot here. The family have already had a mini heart attack that I sunburn so easily. Hopefully, it’ll turn brown! We’re here until Monday. Seems like the routine with the family is that we wake up, play a game or hang about… The boys do some revision.. (because the mum doesn’t want them to forget things over the summer) then we go down to the beach. Then back up for lunch and a siesta /chill time then off again somewhere else, maybe the beach or to see things. Then back, shower and dinner.

Totumblr_n83lkbzBZB1stpwzno7_500day, because it’s cloudy, we went up for a walk in the mountains/hills. It was like cliff walking in Wales. It was good exercise and quite fun. So that’s it so far.

The family are really nice, they seem like good people. The three boys are, well, boys. The twins are eight and the eldest is nine. They’re interested in everything around them, like doing their own thing, love the TV, very competitive but sweet, intelligent and lovely. I hope they like me!!