This song is exactly what I am right no – Happy 💗

This week has been a weird, long, short, busy, lazy, crazy week and I am sooo glad that it is over! I experienced my first all-nighter that ended in having pizza at 7am and collapsing in my bed just past eight. I have gone to yoga twice which made me feel healthy until I had a cheeky McDonald’s during the long night of hell. Can’t complain really.. and I have just finalised my second work placement in Spain for the year abroad.


I will be working at HappyFM radio for three months. It feels unreal. And daunting because that means my spanish better be amazing. but IT’S GOING TO BE AMAZING. I can’t believe I finish my second year in exactly two months time. By now I will have strolled out of the exam room and straight to a bar. Kidding – I mean bed. Then my housemates and I (one in spirit as she’s going to Download Festival instead) are going to Paris! It’ll be my first time and we’re planning to go to the Eiffel Tower on my birthday! So basically. Today and this weekend has a chilled out “screw work” vibe and once China is sorted. That is my life made.

Big love to everyone. (that sounds so weird but I didn’t know how else to put it…)


ps. sorry that this post is so boring and so about me. well, more so than ever.. i’m just so excited right now!