Song of the day – Brave 💗

This is a beautiful song and it goes great with the sunny weather today! It’s also pretty inspirational as there is so much unsaid these days which somehow limits everyone’s potential to love life. This can be in a variety of situations but the point is always the same: you can’t say it because it’s a risk. Is it worth the risk? What if… everything goes badly? turns out better than expected? nothing changes? The possibilities are god-awfully scary!

So following the vibe of this song, never be afraid to say what you feel people need to hear. If they’ve done wrong, tell them. Just so they don’t hurt other people in the future. So they don’t repeat the same mistake and we all grow to be better and the wonderful people we are. if they’ve done right, tell them also!

It seems a bit random for me to jabber about this but it’s unbelievable how important it is.

Be Brave & love life 🙂