The End to my temporary "gypsy" lifestyle

As you can see by the picture, most of us have moved into our house. These little door plaques were made by my lovely friend Chloe and they now proudly sit on our bedroom doors. It’s one of the very many things that make us all think we have the best student house in the world. (Obviously every student group does but.. Hehe. We are pretty lucky with this little gem of a house). The only issue is the temperature of the place. Without the heating on for more than two hours a day some of us struggle to keep warm. Even in slippers and big jumpers. So we’re very eager to find out what ye bill would be if we had the heating on for three hours in the evening..

The past few days we have been pretty productive as we have ventured out to ikea, tescos and B&M bargains for things for the house so our kitchen is stocked with all kinds of things. And our bathrooms have nice storage space now. Richard and I also invested in an extra duvet to war ourselves up a bit more. Another thing Chloe and I did was take our CVs around Nottingham City centre to hand them in. However, my hopes for a job remain low because even if I’m offered one, I won’t be in the country for the most important time of the year: Christmas. And I’m gutted. But I’ll keep my fingers crossed until everyone says no to me! Although, my applications for my year abroad seems to be holding up a lot better! So I’m excited. And nervous. All my work with languages is starting to hone in and send me off to face my biggest challenge and adventure of the year abroad. And it’s crazy how close it feels to it happening.

Thus I’m off to my grandparents tomorrow to primarily catsit for a few days but to use the time alone to kick my studies up a gear, and actually start term thinking I know something rather than searching blindly on the spot. I hope I don’t just enjoy sky TV all day.. We’ll see!

This was just a post to update this blog up to now. And to mark the point of second year really kicking off.