Long time, no blog.. Oops.

I arrived Hong Kong at 16:18 on Sunday afternoon and was expecting to be greeted by Will and possibly his Dad and Mum but this was a bit far from reality. I arrived to see his brother and sisters too, and his Auntie and Grandmother waiting for me. Daunting? Very much so. The relatives in Hong Kong barely speak English and my worse-than-passable cantonese was not ready to kick in. So first impressions of me are debatable. I joined them to go to walk around a kinda market mall before dinner with even more of his family members. The food was really good and there was so much! Peking Duck, roast pork, jellyfish, sweet and sour pork, soup, roast chicken etc. I was incredibly full. I warn you all now, I’m coming back to England and won’t be able to eat anything! Then I stayed at Will’s aunties for the night. It’s really kind of then and they have a nice place. But it’s a shame I can’t communicate with them. I felt so out of my depth which was quite daunting. Plus the pressures of being good etc were scary. I don’t want to leave thinking they don’t like or approve of me. We’ll see.. But they are so upbeat and friendly here. I love this atmosphere.

The next day, Monday, I went to see Tim quickly to say hello and plan a quick rough itinerary with him for the week. Then I returned to the top of Hong Kong island and Kowloon with Will’s family and spent the day walking about some hotspots here. The first one – cue the picture – is the Bank of China building that is the third highest in Hong Kong and you get to go up there for free. That was pretty cool! The second was the Star ferry that takes you quickly between the two islands. And then we walked around a bit. I love the look of Hong Kong. The streets are filled with colour all day and night with the massive shop signs/neon lights. We visited the really long road in Kowloon called Nathan road that has many many many shops down it. Will’s dad also showed me the pets street where cats and dogs are sold as pets, also bucket loads of fish. Even tiny terrapins! So cute! I wanted to take them all. I alas, I have one fat cat at home. (and imagine the immigration malarkey.. Not worth it? Haha). Last but not least we came back to dinner at Auntie’s place and it was almost as busy (oops, this was boring because of a spellcheck mistake but now amended) as the night before. I love the pick and choose dive in eating culture here. After that I chilled really. I can’t take major part in conversations although I want to because I can’t deduce what they say without any idea of what they’re on about. But I’ve picked up a couple of phrases. I’ll make use of them.

I’ll update better in the morning. Right now I’m falling asleep as I type and that isn’t good.