milestone: a sigh of relief

June 9th, 2017

I walked out of my Beginner Korean exam at 15:18 feeling such a torrent of emotions, mostly elation at the idea that I would never have to take a university exam again.

I can’t say I won’t ever have any form of test for the rest of my life because we’re meant to keep learning and testing ourselves… but that aside, I am done.


(okay, that’s my burst of excitement crazy moment over 😀 )

As life is never simple – and why should it be? – I got into my little car and darted down the M1, A38 and along the A50 until I reached my grandparents’ house. I am leaving my car there for the summer as I fly to Canada on my birthday to spend some time with my parents.

Calgary is also one of those places where not many people venture to so I have no excuses to not write my dissertation which is due at the beginning of September. The past few months have felt like a massive countdown clock has been ticking above me. Despite going on small adventures here and there, my mind has been churning up a storm. I really hope that tonight is a night of proper sleep where I don’t dream about everything going wrong and ending up in really bizarre situations. I also relish in the fact that I just have time for the small things. I recently read an article about making plans and how cancelling or postponing them affects our wellbeing. I seem to find that I always have unread messages. But I’m not saying that I’m popular in the slightest, but I admit that I just don’t respond to messages immediately anymore. I am replying days later and it is not something I feel good about. So now, a new leaf can be turned, one that involves my head having the free space to communicate. Hallelujah.

In a roundabout way, I am grateful to past-Georgie for making the decisions that I have and am proud that I’ve stuck it out. I make it sounds like doing a master’s degree is the worst thing on the planet… It definitely is not and I have learnt so much from it. Yet, sometimes going against the grain of your own instinct is harder than taking another suitable path which follows the unknown and is so intimidating.

Nevertheless, 66% of my course is done. YIPPEE.

Life is about living, and making mistakes and achievements along the way.

2017 has definitely been a year for change, not just for me, nor our country following this election, but for some of my friends. With your new jobs and/or new adventures, I am so happy for you. ❤

I am so lucky to have such amazing friends across the world and in the UK who have been so supportive. I listened to a whatsapp audio message on the train from a old school friend who’s also doing a master’s and I just couldn’t help grinning. Thank you to you guys, whether you ever read my blog or not, for putting up with me and being just flipping amazing. ❤

Tomorrow morning I’m running in Wollaton Park for the MS society for my grandpa who is doing so amazingly well despite the challenges he faces. I’m absolutely stunned by the generosity of both friends and family and have surpassed my target by 190% !! Thank you so so much, it definitely means I can’t sneakily back out now… I only hope it doesn’t pour with rain… Danny assures me that we receive a medal at the end but all I wish for the at the finish line is a fresh glass of prosecco.

What can I say, turning 23 is meant to be bubbly fun, right?



Birchbox [MAY]: a beauty goodies review

Another month, another birchbox.

I couldn’t resist.

(If you want to see the April one too, I did write about it here.)

The idea of getting a surprise in the post, that it comes in a pretty box and that I’m being introduced to products and brands I possibly have either never heard of or used is too brilliant to turn down. So, I’ve given it a second chance to see if it is worth continuing to invest in this innovative idea. Again, five products and a booklet including information about each one were inside May’s Birchbox. It arrived on Monday, the 8th May, which wasn’t an incredibly long wait 😀 It has a marble and rose-gold design and is the same A5 paper size.


I have also rated the included products with a ‘happiness factor’ which is how happy I am with the product and how well it does what it says on the tin! This box had:

  • Kueshi Shine & Volume Hair Mask [Bottom Right]

This mask – whether it makes my hair all full of volume or shiny – smells good enough for me to keep it! It says on the packet that you should leave it in for 3 minutes but I’ve found you don’t need to leave it on that long, a minute and a half will suffice! I find it even makes a difference to dyed or bleached hair (which I have) which is an added bonus! 😀

It’s £10.50 for 200ml. Is this worth it? Compared to really popular hair masks, except for a couple of the cheaper brands such as Aussie (£6.99), this is really good value for money!

Happiness Factor – 8 out of 10

  • Doucce Punk Volumizer Mascara [Bottom Left]

The perk about this mascara brush is that the brush itself is big and has long teeth/bristles(?) which give great coverage for your lashes and doesn’t leave clumps of mascara. However, if you want thick ‘volumised’ lashes this mascara isn’t for you. I like to think it is more of a daytime mascara rather than for a ‘night out’ look.

The full size is £18. Is it worth it? I think the price is neither unreasonable nor too bank-breaking but it is not mascara that I feel is life-changing enough to fork out for unless it’s come out best once you’ve done some market research!

Happiness Factor – 7 out of 10

  • Marsk Mineral Eyeshadow – Fifty Shades [Top Left]

The biggest beef I have with this eyeshadow is that the box was not easy to open! I really thought I was going to have to rip it open but fortunately, after tugging at the flaps many times, it opened! The eyeshadow is a dark grey shimmery colour. Yet the powder itself is really light and the amount you put on depends on how dark you like your eyeshadow. It can either be a light silvery shimmer or used for a smokey eye effect.

It is £14.49 (what an odd price!). Is it worth it? In my opinion, I would never spend this much on an eyeshadow as I hardly wear it. Yet I will definitely make use of it as it came in the box! I would recommend it if you’re looking for a dark eyeshadow has shimmers nicely, but you could easily buy multiple eyeshadows or even put it towards an eyeshadow palette.

Happiness Factor – 5 out of 10

This is my favourite product of this months box! It is the tiniest little tube by obsessive compulsive cosmetics and I was very sceptical in the beginning. I did wonder if this sample was a bit of a cop out for birch box to make money… but once I tried it, I withdrew my previous judgements! It is a primer for your lips to then add either lipstick or lipgloss. My lips feel so smooth when I apply this primer and I feel it’s just great for daily usage regardless of whether I am adding another lip product.

It is £15 for 9ml, which is three times the size of the sample I received. Is it worth it? This seems steep but if you are a massive fan of wearing lipstick or lipgloss daily, I really recommend this product 😀

Happiness Factor – 9.5 out of 10

  • Benefit the POREfessional: Matte Rescue Invisible-Finish Mattifying Gel [Top Right]

I have actually had this product for a few years as I have always really liked Benefit products and this one has remained a staple in my makeup bag. I always like to use it as part of my getting-ready process and when applying makeup. If you think this product isn’t the best for oily skin, the primer version is just *thumbs up* as the colour also blends into your skin well.

TIP: to get the best out of the product, wash your wash beforehand to eradicate any oil (if you have oily skin) and apply the POREfessional gel all over to get a matt finish. I have also found this keeps my makeup on at least over an hour longer, even on a night out!

It is £23.50 for 50ml. Is it worth it? I think this product is bigger than you think it is because I only need a bean sized amount each time. I guess one could say that I’m biased towards this product because I have had it for a long time. But this product lasts for ages and I really notice a different in my makeup when I wear it.

Happiness Factor – 9 out of 10

I guess the main thing you have to consider if you commit to trying Birchbox out is that everything you receive is going to be sample size compared to the products shown individually

You can check out the website here and if you subscribe you get £5 worth of Birchbox points to spend in the online store*! ^_^ Also, I’ve just discovered that students get 50% off their first box, you just need to have your university email signed up to UNIDAYs. 😍

Hope you’ve enjoyed this review and found it useful ❤

GL xxx

*this link means you receive 500 points on your account which is equivalent to £5, it is a referral so I receive the same. You can unsubscribe at any time and are not committed unless you pick the 3- or 6-month option! 😊

#BBG fitness: the mental breakthrough

It hasn’t been as easy to jump into this fitness journey as it seems. I guess that shouldn’t be surprising as more and more people in the “healthy life” community are really trying to show that it takes time, a lot of effort and even more patience. I’ve seen quite a few instagram posts of really strong and fit women showing their bodies when they are tensed, and when they are relaxed. To aim for the goal of having no stomach rolls is just impossible. Even if you have abs, muscles roll too whenever you relaxed or bending down!

I have had days where I just don’t want to train, it is as if my entire body will make the work out as gruelling as possible even though I easily did it two days before. I haven’t done the pre-training perfectly either. There have been a couple of times where trying to fit in the workout – be it at work or home – it just won’t slot in into my schedule. This has meant I just do it a day later to make up for it. As long as I’m doing what my body tells me, and that I’m making sure I’ve got a balance of work, rest and play, I know that my future self will be grateful!

And so isyourbirthday! (2)

I am discovering new things every day. It can be either about what I eat, what I enjoy, what I feel is worth my time, new tips on how to get the best out of this lifestyle change and even things that I don’t want to give up and don’t have to. A friend recently asked me about the whole fitness thing as she’s been wanting to join the gym and get started on her own fitness journey. It is not so much a full-on lifestyle change in terms of what she eats as she’s already pretty good on that side of things. Yet, to get started can be the biggest challenge.

Friends: I guarantee there will be someone you know who wants to do something exercise-y whether it is going for a run, going to the gym, to a fitness class, or even a good long walk. Since I announced I was training to do a run in June as part of fundraising for the MS Society, I have had a few opportunities to go with friends! Nichola has actually taught me how to jog at a normal pace as I have always thought that going for a run meant running pretty fast… how wrong I was! Kathy also has shown me how to pace myself, although I felt like my body was going to flop into jelly after about two minutes 😂

Motivation: It can be really easy but also hard to stare at social media all day and see all kinds of photos of what you aspire to be or achieve. It is hard because this can knock your confidence or make the goals seem much further away than they realistically are. It is easy because, heck, we use our phones waaaay too much. I follow a few fitness ladies on instagram and every now and again I can feel my inner demons stir ready to just play with my emotions about the comparisons. It hasn’t been simple to just ignore them, but I have learnt to take it as motivation, to watch their vlogs, to what they have to say, and make sure I am following people who underline the important values of self-confidence and loving yourself. As that can make any type of challenge that little bit easier! #mondaymotivation

Rewards: This is a bit of a cheeky reason as part of the fitness training process but I am definitely guilty of treating myself after completing a week of workouts. This could be a meal at a restaurant – maybe even a McDonald’s (😈) -, a splash of cash on a Birchbox [you can see what I’m talking about here], or buying something you’ve had your eye on for a few weeks. The added bonus is that starting to regularly exercise and aim for a fitness goal eventually gives you reward in terms of fitting into a pair of jeans again (which is totally me right now).

Incentives: This comes hand in hand with the rewards and treats you spoil yourself with after you’ve achieved a certain goal. I also believe that there has to be a pre-training encouragement to get you over the start line. My friend Chloe recently messaged me saying “I finally got some cool looking gym kit and it actually makes so much difference in whether or not I  want to go” and I couldn’t agree with her more! Just getting something new, even if it’s a fancy water bottle, a fitness armband for your phone or gym clothing! You’ve got to feel a little ready to help the confidence of getting started. 😀

No matter how small, something is better than nothing: When I used to not have a plan to follow, or didn’t know what I wanted, but knew that I wanted to exercise… I found even going to the gym, the swimming pool, or even putting on sportswear to move about in my room or backyard was a struggle. I felt like I had to do something big to achieve even a little. Doesn’t that sound mad? Well, realistically it was a silly mindset. My mum told me that even just walking into the gym, getting into the swimming pool, putting the sportswear on and doing any form of exercise moves is enough. The mental barriers we erect make this change to include exercise in our daily lives are more prominent and important than our physical ability. To show the little voice in your head that you have more than enough potential and capability to confidently make any change you want to (with anything in life, I don’t just mean fitness), it makes a difference to just take it step by step. Remember to step back and look at the bigger picture, if you can do any type of activity, with and without friends, a few times a week, even if it’s for fifteen minutes each time… you’ll feel way more accomplished than doing one full-on exhausting session a week. ❤

The mental breakthrough is the biggest part of the journey and I cannot wait for the moment that I feel I have busted through this block. Of course, I am always going to have days where I have to drag myself out of bed, even ones where I just burrow away and ignore the notification to go and exercise. But hey, it’s all part of the joys of life 🙂

GL xxx

a healthy snacks review: can I just have chocolate instead?

As part of my #letskissgoodbyetoMS campaign this May [2017], I have given up the luxury of all chocolatey goods. Side note: I can’t believe that I’ve already reached 85% of my fundraising goal!  ❤ ~

As I’m also starting my fitness journey to be a gym bunny (haha I can’t believe I just called myself that… #dontjudgeme) and am trying to eat healthier! So, I recently purchased three different types of healthy snacks to see whether any tickle my fancy and have the best health benefits possible from a little snack bar.

My reviews work like this, I mark the Flavour, Appearance and Texture a score out of 10 and talk about each one. Let’s get started! (I am not ordering them in terms of best on but the chronological order).

Trek Cocoa Oat Flapjack – review!

#1 ~ Trek Cocoa Oat Protein Flapjack

F: 9 out of 10
A: 8 out of 10
T: 10 out of 10

Maybe I loved this because I was starving having just done a workout but I am happy to say I do recommend this bar, not only is it healthy, but it does have 9g of protein which gives an extra boost to anyone who is exercising regularly or need an extra boost with what they eat. The texture was soft but not sticky like a squares bar (which I know is made with marshmallow but I hate it when stuff sticks to my teeth) and the layer of cocoa dark chocolate is not thick and only covers one side. It isn’t too sweet either as the flavour of the dark chocolate balances with the sugar but also compliments the wholesome oats to satisfy your need for a snack. I could eat more, but I think one a day is perfect as I think two could be overkill. So, pretty happy to buy this one again!

Other flavours: banana bread, cocoa coconut, morning berry.

Price: in local supermarkets average £0.90 per bar, so bulk buying on amazon or other online retailers is usually a little cheaper.


#2 ~ The Primal Pantry Hazelnut & Cocoa Raw Paleo Bar

F: 4 out of 10
A: 6.5 out of 10
T: 6 out of 10

As I am also testing out being paleo, this is one of the key paleo bars in the UK market that has good reviews! The flavour is not very strong and sweet without a strong taste of hazelnut or cocoa so unfortunately, I found it rather bland. It is a little chewy and, this sounds weird, but satisfying to eat but I wish there were bolder flavours coming through. The appearance of the bar isn’t exactly inspiring but it wasn’t sticky or melting as I ate it. All in all, it is a good find, and I have higher hope for the protein bar flavours (listed below) as they excite my tastebuds a little more! It also is a great snack to have pre- or post-workout. Paleo bars are definitely worth a try if you’re wanting to swap your snacks, especially regarding the sugar content, as I find the “healthy” snacks provided by nature valley, alpen etc. have lots of artificial sugar. These bars may still contain sugar but it is natural and better for your body! 😀

Other flavours: Coconut & Macadamia, Brazil Nut & Cherry. Apple & Pecan
Also, protein bar flavours: Cocoa Brownie, Mixed Berries, Cocoa Orange

Price: in local supermarkets and Holland & Barrett they average £0.89 per bar, in Tesco a pack of 4 is £2.99 so bulk buying is definitely a better option and there are available on amazon and other online retailers


#3 ~ Deliciously Ella Cocoa and Almond Energy Ball

F: 6 out of 10
A: 5 out of 10
T: 7 out of 10

I heard of this lovely lady through my mum at the beginning of the year as she also does recipes for meals and healthier options that we can cook at home! One of the dishes, which I have made since is the apple crumble. This isn’t the normal dessert you expect, in fact, it’s a breakfast option that you can make at the beginning of the week and just devour for breakfast with any yoghurt or milk of your choice! Recipe here!

Anyway, back to the protein ball… The appearance wasn’t anything spectacular or something that I wanted to gobble up upon sight of it, nevertheless, don’t just a book by its cover. The texture is quite chewy and somewhat moist because it is made with dates and roasted nut butter (as well as other ingredients) to bind it. The flavour isn’t as inspiring or as yummy to the taste buds as I’d hoped as I can be quite picky about wanting a dominant flavour. It is a great snack for those who don’t like sweet and sugary things as it is definitely a perfect size to satisfy your snacking needs and hunger!

Other flavours available include almond and blueberry protein ball, hazelnut and raisin energy ball, coconut and oat energy ball.

Price: £1.79 at Waitrose or Holland & Barrett. [which is pretty pricey in my opinion but if it tickles your taste buds, then it could definitely be a top snack for you]

Ella herself has uploaded a video on youtube on how to make these at home:

Any recommendations of other healthy snacks, energy bars or other healthy foods are most welcome as I love tasting the food and blogging about it is double the fun!

It’s definitely more affordable to make the energy balls at home, as well as various other healthy snacks. If you fancy sate-ing your sweet tooth, using honey or other natural sweet ingredients are better than milk chocolate or sugar! Alternatively, as my godmother has suggested, throw together some nuts, dried fruit and dark chocolate and you’re good to go! Hehe!

GL xxx

#BBG Fitness: fun meal preparation

In my previous post, I talked about the pre-training that is an optional part of the Kayla Itsines “Bikini Body Guide” and gave an idea of what a week doing the programme looked like. This week is the final one for pre-training and then the real 12-week commitment begins…!! Week 4 has been a little different to previous as I started the week feeling rather under the weather with a sore throat. 😦

My training has shifted a day back so instead of the usual Monday, Wednesday, Friday – it’s the opposite days for the BBG sessions. On Sunday I had a great day with Danny and our housemate Nichola as we went for a run to start my training on Nottingham  University campus and I learnt a lot about pacing myself and the optimal speed. It was so sunny too! We even managed to fit in a quick BBG session too 😀

cheesy running … !

Over the past three weeks, although I haven’t noticed a change in my body, I have definitely seen a transformation of what the inside of my fridge and food cupboard look like.


Gone are the chocolate bars and crispy snacks, pasta, instant noodles and fizzy drinks (even though I will admit that I drank a diet coke or two at Danny’s house last weekend). Instead, for one, there is fruit. I know this sounds silly but I am not someone who thinks of fruit being an enjoyable snack or the first thing to sate my snacky cravings. So, I really want this to change so that I feel healthier. I also feel that I have more money because chocolate goodies are double the price of a piece of fruit and it means when I do treat myself to something yummy and calorific, it is deserved and extra delicious. Another addition is sweet potato and butternut squash as my alternatives for carbohydrates. As they are so versatile to cook, it opens up so many options of what you want to cook for dinner or to try something new! Also, fun tip, if you have little sweet potatoes, you can cut them in half, put them in the oven to roast until they turn brown on the edges and eat them with a spoon like you would eat the insides of a melon! #geniussnack

One of the biggest challenges I have encountered, and think many people face, is the university life schedule. As it is the busiest time of all universities with coursework due, exams looming and for some, dissertation deadlines upon us, I have been on campus for 12 hours sometimes. Without a microwave available, it creates a small challenge of what to eat, what to cook, and also, having to carry all this in. On a day where I’ve had a 9am, and I’m not going to be home until 10pm… and a #BBG workout… it’s no surprise that I need food! & I want to eat a lot. But, I don’t want to buy snacks when I have a lovely stash at home from Aldi. I’ve had to be tactical about food preparation and this is what I’ve learnt should go into my food bag for a day on campus.

  1. Freeze: Once you’ve done a food shop, cut/chop/peel/prepare all your vegetables and put them into a big freezer bag per vegetable and freeze them if you aren’t going to cook them straight away. This makes making food at any hour much quicker and simple! This can also be done with meat to split it into portion sizes.
  2. Bulk: This is a two-in-one cracker = number one: you get to use all the tupperware as well as having an organised tupperware cupboard <3; and number two: it means you can pick and choose between a few dishes you’ve cooked to keep a variety such as tuna pasta, roast vegetables and chicken, prawn/smoked salmon salad with spinach, lettuce, sweetcorn… anything you want to throw in! This is saved me from having to buy something or temporarily fast when something pops up! 
  3. Snack: I always have two pieces of fruit in my bag if I haven’t had one with my breakfast – namely an apple and banana because they are my favourite fruits. I also have taken in some flapjacks full of seeds (and honey yum) that my grandma made for me. I only take two squares but that’s enough to give my body a sugar kick when I need it halfway through the afternoon alongside a piece of fruit.
  4. Breakfast: There are two kinds, depending on whether I want an extra fifteen minutes of sleep. If I get up early enough, I will poach or fry two eggs, add spinach, possibly mushrooms and cherry tomatoes and some smoked salmon for protein. [Aldi and Lidl sell smoked salmon for really cheap, e.g. 200g for £2.99 compared to other supermarkets who sell less quantity for £4+!]
    The other option is to make overnight oats! I used a measuring jug to put all my ingredients together:
    200ml oats, 200ml  almond milk, 1 tablespoon honey, 1 tablespoon peanut butter (optional), 1 tablespoon organic cocoa nibs, and cinnamon! You can add frozen berries/fresh fruit/jam/chocolate spread to it in the morning for an extra fresh flavour!

18387328_10154204745771706_1116026764_nInstead of almond milk, you can use greek yoghurt or soy milk! You can add other sources of chocolate such as cocoa powder, chocolate spread or liquid chocolate [vegan].
I always blend this mixture then add chia seeds for it to set overnight. If you prefer to not do this, just add the chia seeds and leave it overnight!

I do really enjoy cooking and the best bit about the ‘bulk’ preparation is that you can get your music blasting and just dance about the kitchen as you create colourful and tasty meals to enjoy! 😀

If you have any tips, feel free to share as I love trying new things and to help each other out!

GL xxx

Birchbox [APRIL]: a beauty goodies review

I recently gave into to joining one of the latest beauty crazes called Birchbox. I had happened to hear about this website and its business idea from a friend who went to a talk by a blogger. Birchbox is a website that offers a box of five little beauty goodies a month, ranging from hair products, skin products, make-up and body beauty lotions and potions. It is meant to be personalised to each subscriber depending on the options they selected when filling out the “sign up” questionnaire. The box is £10, with delivery at £2.95 every month.

The website is also like a cosmetics heaven as it has an online shop which stocks a variety of products that aren’t easily accessible in high street shops, or brands that we never come across and are actually pretty awesome!

I decided to sign up because Birchbox launched an offer at the end of April for free P&P and the box at 50% of the price. Bargain, right?! High street goodies for £7 is unheard of these days. Once I happily typed in my card details, I sat in excitement as I waited for the delivery to arrive. [Side note: I didn’t just sit and wait as if it was all I had to do all day, hehe]

And five days later, thanks to the May Spring Bank Holiday, it arrived on the 3rd of May.


I love that the outside packaging is PINK.

I’ll admit that I thought the box would be a bit bigger, this was just a bit bigger than the size of A5 paper (half an A4 side). Nevertheless, the fancy pattern and bright colours made me giddy with anticipation.


The box includes the five products and a little booklet explaining each one, it’s RRP price and what it is used for! I have also rated the included products with a ‘happiness factor’ which is how happy I am with the product and how well it does what it says on the tin! This box had:

  • Baïja Paris Crème Moana in Fleur de Tiarè Body Lotion [Bottom Right]

Review: It smells AMAZING. I am always sceptical of hand creams and body lotions as I find quite a lot can either feel really thick to put on or leave you sticky for a while. For at least an hour, if not two, I just constantly caught the scent of the lotion and was really pleased to find it was so fresh even though I was out and about and clothed [obviously…]!! Although I feel the sample size is quite small and won’t last for a good amount of time, I would seriously consider buying it. It’s a Parisian brand and the price definitely reflects that at £15.90 for 75ml.

Before making up my mind, I’m going to see how long this sample lasts to determine whether this is completely worth it! [It is unsurprisingly sold out at the moment anyway..!!]

Happiness factor: 9/10

At first, I thought this was an eyeshadow but it turns out it can be used all over your face to give you a glow. I normally like light eyeshadow powders as I have pretty light skin and anything to make my skin look smooth is welcomed. Yet, this one doesn’t seem to do the trick. The sample is pretty tiny if it is meant to be used for full coverage and it seemed to show any dry or slightly spotty areas on my skin rather than hide them! As it was part of my box, I’ll happily use it as an extra eyeshadow for its colour, but other than that I wouldn’t buy it myself. (It is also £24…)

Happiness factor: 3/10

  • Polaar IcePure Gentle Scrub with Arctic Cotton [Top Middle]

Y’know the smell of a Yankee ‘fresh cotton’ scented candle? This smells just like that and it is genuinely fresh. It sort-of reminds me of men’s skin products but I definitely smell like a man afterwards 😉 The scrub has tiny blue balls in it that didn’t scratch or irritate my skin. I only used a pea-sized amount to cover my entire face and jawline so this small tester should last me a while! After 5 days of having it, my skin is already started to feel smoother which is a miracle as I suffer from quite bumpy skin… I mean, I have some spot scarring and random blemishes that I would dream of not having!

For a 75ml bottle, it is £23.50 which made me take a sharp breath in as I found that a little disheartening. However, it is better to spend a little more on a product that does wonders for your skin rather than go cheap and later regret it. (I’ve done that so many times…)

In fact, many people are selling it on eBay for about £5-7 so if you want to try it, that’s always an option!! 😉

Happiness factor: 7/10

Similar to the body lotion, this product also smells really nice. I’ve always had trouble with the ends of my hair getting quite dry, even after a haircut! After using this conditioner three times, and not having to use more than a ping pong ball sized blob on the ends of my hair, it is definitely softer! According to other reviews, it helps with frizzy hair but as I have quite tame hair, I can’t tell you whether it would do that for me!

On Birchbox, it is priced at £19 for 500ml, whereas on Amazon it is the same price for double the amount!! This has reminded me to shop around for the best deal 😀

Happiness factor: 7/10

I don’t use eyeliner often as it is usually what I use to differentiate my makeup style from “every day” to “night out” as if I’ve gone through a movie-like transformation. Also, as I’m quite pale and have blonde hair, black is not a colour I often wear. I even have brown mascara, again only wearing black mascara when I’m going on a night out. Nevertheless, I gave this eyeliner a try and I’m so glad its a twisty one! I don’t need to carry a sharpener in my bag (hallelujah for the lazy me) and the end of the liner itself is neither too thick nor too thin.

It’s £11 which doesn’t break the bank by I do love my brush eyeliner from Maybelline which is half the price…

Happiness factor: 5/10

I have really enjoyed this whole new experience of not having to pick the products and, instead, receive a surprise. It has taught me to look further than the boundary of my local stores such as Boots and Superdrug, and even department stores and really popular brands for great products.

You can check out the website here and if you subscribe you get £5 worth of Birchbox points to spend in the online store*! ^_^ Also, I’ve just discovered that students get 50% off their first box, you just need to have your unversity email signed up to UNIDAYs. 😍

Feel free to share your thoughts below or have any of these experiences of your own, I love hearing about new and exciting things!

GL xxx
*this link means you receive 500 points on your account which is equivalent to £5, it is a referral so I receive the same. You can unsubscribe at any time and are not committed unless you pick the 3 or 6 month option! 😊

#BBG pre-training: getting in the “zone”

Monday is now known to me as legs & cardio’ day.

Wednesday is ‘arms & abs’ day.


Friday is ‘full body workout’ day.

The days in-between are for more low-intensity workouts which I’m using to start to train my body to like and even I dare to hope, enjoy running.

I have seen soooooo many posts on instagram about Kayla Itsines ‘bikini body guide’ and even though it seems that the true results only show after at least a year of maintaining this routine… the transformation is just fantastic. Other fitness ladies I follow are @carlyrowena, @sarahsday and @gains4girls [all on insta] just to get inspiration and tips on how to eat well, do some fun exercises and even get some general advice about skin care ideas or just daily bits and bobs. They have also released or are about to release fitness guides so stay tuned if you’re interested but want to have comparisons to Kayla’s!

So here I go, with my printed workouts, ready to go to the gym, or even at home if it’s a better use of time or when I’m out of town.

The Monday week 1 session started just like that

I had stayed at my grandparents’ house over the weekend as it was a bank holiday and even when I returned to Sheffield, the gym wasn’t going to be open. Fortunately, as I’m doing the pre-12 weeks training guide workouts (which is four weeks) and I feel that it is pretty tame at the moment and no weights or equipment was desperately needed.  The house has a large set of steps running up to it so I was able to do step ups using those. I probably looked funny but I trekked across the large driveway completely my set of walking lunges, I went around the cars and created my own little pattern… ya gotta make it fun, right?

I definitely had a sugar crash at about 5pm once I returned to my house in Sheffield. I think it was partly due to being really busy up until I sat down on my bed, but also because I had had no chocolate or diet coke for about 3 days (I was trying to start early so it wouldn’t be such a shock come May…). I’ve added ‘no diet coke’ to my list of things I’m giving up for my month of #letskissgoodbyetoMS fundraising.

Tuesday: I headed to the gym for a 3km workout on the cross trainer and watched Girlboss on Netflix to entertain myself. [Side note: I do recommend the show on the grounds that it’s about perseverance, doing something different but also it being your passion. However, don’t watch if you’re sensitive to crude language…]  The cross-trainer machine did have an option for the screen to show a circular track and has a little marker representing the user that moves as if you’re going around it, quite satisfying to watch. I also used the Stairmaster machine and the rowing machine, doing intervals of 500m and 30 seconds rest 4 times. After stretching, it was time to get on with my day!

Wednesday: “errrrggggggggggggghh push ups are the worst…. I’m not even doing the hard ones as I have my knees on the flooooor. just. two. more.” <– I have typed it exactly mirroring what I was thinking at 9:34am because there is no other way to explain it. I did say this blog was going, to be honest. 😀 😉

 I started my day with going to a one-hour session of yoga at 8:15am. I found the instructor is really good at combining so many poses to stretch out our entire bodies. I have never been able to touch my toes or the floor and I totally blame my genetics for it [even though my mother likes to show off how flexible she is]. Yet I’m hoping to do this once a week, maybe more if I can squeeze it in on the weekend, will really help my aching muscles recover and get stronger and stretch-ier. #motivation woo! I then did the Wednesday arms and abs workout… hence my groaning at the push ups!

However, I did make the mistake of spending waaaay too much time in a coffee shop revamping my blog. I’ve been wanting to freshen it up for a while, and only now have I found the name that’s stuck and completely 100% me. I love it and spent too much time on the banner and creating other bits for future posts… but, it looks good! [if I can say so myself ❤ ] This left me having only eaten a banana since my workout until about 3pm. Bad move. I had a mocha so the caffeine was starting to make me feel jittery as I swung my bag onto my back and headed for one of the university libraries to eat my packed lunch. Only at 4:30pm did I start to feel normal again. Definitely not repeating that mistake again!

** small skip to week 3 of the pre-training as I was a plonker and forgot to update this blog! **

Thursday: 7:04am. People say getting up early is good for you… changes your daily life for the better, and all I want to do is go back to sleep for another two hours 😭

7:06am. It’s all in the planning – don’t go to sleep past midnight if you know you’re getting up early… shot myself in the foot, didn’t I?

7:37am. I should really get out of bed now.

A quote on the wall of the gym… #motivationmonday

I think that week three is definitely a step up with now weighted exercises and the dreaded jump squats. However, with perseverance and constantly talking to myself to get through – which probably made me look rather crazy – I made it. To warm up I use the cross trainer for 5 minutes and the running machine for 5 to build up my stamina. I really don’t know how I’m going to do 3km on the 10th June… Now, to devour my lunch and focus on the mounting work of coursework, exams and a dissertation to prepare for. Oh, the life of a postgraduate! 😀

Finally, Friday arrived with the last HIIT exercise session of the #BBG program. Phew. Despite my grumblings during the workout when I’m sweaty and bothered, I’ve really enjoyed doing it so far and love being able to tick ‘go to the gym’ off my daily to-do list. By just knowing that I’m working towards being actively healthier is really rewarding… although I am daunted by the next few weeks to come! If any of you follow exercise programs or have any handy tips about exercises or anything related, I’d love to hear ’em.

I don’t yet know if I’m in the “zone” yet, whatever that “zone” may be, but here’s to the weekend, I hope you have a great one no matter where you are ❤

GL xxx